New Wat nu, Koetsier? Archive

On June 24 and 25 AT5 screened this RietveldTV episode on Wat nu, Koetsier?, showing a 12 minute overview of the entire advertisement series in one go!


Creative concept: Chives Archives (Celina Yavelow + Freja Kir)
RietveldTV tune: Nathalie Bruys
Soundtrack by: Antonio Sanchez
RietveldTV director: Marieke Coppens


Thanks to: Buro Rietveld & Public Rietveld, Het Parool, Stimuleringsfonds and all the participating designers


RietveldTV is a Gerrit Rietveld Academie production


Wat nu, Koetsier? on RietveldTV


AT5 screened this RietveldTV episode... (read more)