New Wat nu, Koetsier? Archive

Hans Koetsier Advertisements 1969-1981

Random Art (1/8)
Names (5/6)
Concatenations, well-formed and incorrect (6/6)
Worldpoints (4/4)
Space-time events
The time-space continuum
Phrase portraits or essential phrases (3/4)
Scrabbling (8/8)
Constants and Variables 4/4
Logical Forms (4/7)
Distributional Classes (4/5)
Random Structures (2/2)
Vrije Structuren (Random Structures)
Permutations of a Dutch Sentence
105 Basic Association Elements of March 1964 (3/4)
Es leugnet
Censor shall handle...
Es regnet...
156 pieces for sale...
(now) er why er...
winter paleis palais dhiver
creators, store for future use!
combinatory or formal esthetics
you suffer terribly
combinatory of formal esthetics (1/2)
long live modern art
hans meets henk meets hans...
wat zal ik nou weer es...
you suffer terribly 2
the logical universe
schwankend zwischen
hans is dead long live hans
no structure left
one in one's oneness
I love you
I am as creative
Amsterdam! yes dear
Quality Etcetera
hoeveel boeken bestaan er?
If the worst comes...
bitter lemon
te koop / for sale
Mijn probleem was / My problem was...