New Wat nu, Koetsier? Archive

Looking at Koetsiers’ advertisements we were very intrigued by the fact that he creates this contrast with the so called objective news, often with a provoking and almost naughty connotation. It immediately leeds to a disruption in objectivity and news, and creates a relationship with both the newspaper and its content, and of course its reader. These elements pushed us to this typically and childish Dutch sentence ‘Wie dit leest is gek!’ (Whoever reads this is crazy!). It relates to advertisements like ‘Wat zou ik nou weer es verzinnen voor jullie’, as well as to the way Koetsier puts the reader in a certain position. Are you crazy just by looking at this shitty ad or is it also commenting on reading mainstream media in general? 


Lennarts & de Bruijn


Whoever reads this is crazy... (read more)