New Wat nu, Koetsier? Archive

What I find fascinating about the Hans Koetsier ads is that – placed in the context of a newspaper – the statement immediately reads as a comment to today’s news. 

The idea of a united Europe is crumbling, a cold war doesn’t seem far away and inhumane measures that are taken to limit the migration of refugees are things that keep me occupied. I just read an article in the NY Times with the headline ‘The Avalanche of Distrust’ about the decline in social trust. According to the article only 19% of millennials believe other people can be trusted. Ten months ago, when my youngest son was born, for a small moment, I felt incredibly sad that he has to grow up in this world. 

So, a heart – slightly off balance, between tipping over and just managing to keep upright – that fits perfectly in the advertisement space in between the articles. Hopefully it can provoke some thought, a smile or spread some love.


Sandra Kassenaar


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